05/AUGUST 2016

After a very eventful few months we are now back in the U.K. taking stock of what we’ve just achieved. Looking back on this project where we worked on the design, build, sourcing and installation of a cruise ship whilst it crossed the Atlantic has raised more than a few eyebrows! The project began in Early March with a visit to the Silver Cloud cruise ship whilst it was moored in Monte Carlo. During this short stop we had to undertake a full survey of all the areas we would be rebranding as a VIP Cisco Experience for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Armed with all this information we embarked upon the momentous task of pulling the whole project together by early July. By this point we had drawn up and built all the bespoke elements and sourced over 200 different seats, 70 tables and a plethora of outdoor furniture. To embellish the environments we had created a raft of bespoke decor ranging from custom made cushions, placemats, napkins and beach towels.

The ship left Lisbon having loaded over 200 crates and pallets of goods ready for installation. The crossing went smoothly enough for the crew to be ready ahead of schedule and the client to have the peace of mind that this major element of their sponsorship activities in Rio de Janeiro was perfect leaving them to be able to concentrate on other matters. Roll on the return journey!